You work hard at the life you've created,
but sometimes,
in the quiet moments,
it can feel like something's missing...

Your alarm goes off on your bedside table... You roll over & switch it off. You lay there for a moment, in silence, while you slowly open your eyes and listen to the voice in your head saying "Here we go again..."

What is today going to bring? You are pretty happy with how things are going, but you feel a coat of heaviness laying over you... you're not quite 100% there yet - but you're not sure how to fix it either. 

You can't wait for the day to wake up feeling light... not faking it, but really feeling it. That real light happiness that everyone talks about.

Then you laugh to yourself as daydreaming is the closest thing you have to that right now. You look up at the ceiling and wonder what would happen if you could focus and only put energy into what you loved... instead of everything else like your to-do list, pleasing your boss, running your business, looking after the kids, keeping your man happy, making sure the dog is fed, remembering to call your girlfriends back and visiting your parents on the weekend.

Bec Rickey

Bec Rickey

Chizelle is such a beautiful & intuitive Soul, who really has her heart devoted to helping women achieve & live their happiness. You will know this from when you first meet her. Her coaching has helped me to clarify what I really wanted - from the heart, not just from a space of desiring superficial things.

She helped me define my vision & purpose so I could get back on the right track to feeling inspired when I was feeling stuck in the daily grind. After each session Chizelle gave me a short list of actions to take and we created a follow up plan to help keep me accountable, more effective & inspired.

I highly recomment Chizelle's coaching, & think I'm very lucky to know her.

To create a deep & pleasurable life experience
there are 3 core fundamentals.

Muse & Mentor for Women

Hi! I'm Chizelle,

So great to have you here & first off, I'd love you to congratulate yourself for taking the first step in even contemplating the question: How can I feel more pleasure in my life?

I've worked as a health coach for X years, and during this time it was so apparent to me that many of my clients were wanting to loose weight to 'feel good', however just dropping the weight wasn't going to do it... the pleasure had to come from within.

I mentor and hold space for women, like you, to see just how beautiful you are and that you're already more than enough. You deserve all the pleasure in the world and you can create this in all areas of your life.

Life is here to be enjoyed!

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